Austin 2016


The Actor Symposium Series: Austin

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Five unique seminars focusing on the essential truths of our industry from the Casting Directors perspective made this THE must attend event for any actor. For both new talent and established actors, our seminars provided a realistic look at how the business works.

The Actor Symposium Series: Austin brought actors face-to-face with some of the industry’s busiest Casting Directors from Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more.

IMG_3613The seminars covered subjects including…

  • Working regionally
  • Auditioning for work in other markets
  • What Casting Directors see, want and think
  • How to make the most of your auditions
  • Relocating to different markets
  • Virtual auditions

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Actors got a realistic look, from varied perspectives, at how the business really works and how to use this valuable information to further their career.

They also got an honest and revealing behind the scenes look at what the Casting Director sees.

  • See where your submission goes and how to have an impact on how it’s viewed
  • Find out what makes a good headshot and why you need one
  • What does your headshot look like in a sea of submissions
  • See how additional media attached to your profile moves you to the top of the submission list
  • The importance of succinct notes and clips

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About the Host and Sponsor

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